All our technicians are trained to the highest standards by Mazda so are more than qualified to MOT any make and model of car.

Lodge Garage opened our on site MOT in March 2017 offering a great service to local customers.

For just £45, Mazda trained technicians will MOT your car and provide Mazda genuine parts should your car need any work carried out. But you don't need to own a Mazda to get the same superb treatment. We will MOT any make and model of car and we will look at the most important parts of your car to make sure they meet key requirements, from wipers and washers to brakes and exhaust systems. Lodge Garage will make sure your car is fit for the road all year round.

Prior to your vehicle's MOT it's worth taking a minute or two to carry out some simple checks that account for thousands of MOT failures every year:

  • Lights – Replace faulty bulbs
  • Brake lights – Replace if they don't come on as expected
  • Number plate – Check the font, spacing and cleanliness
  • Wheels and tyres – Check for damage and ensure the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm
  • Seatbelts – Do they react as expected when you brake heavily?
  • Windscreen – Fix any damage larger than 40mm
  • Windscreen wipers – Replace wiper blades if they have tears or holes
  • Screenwash – Top up the washer bottle
  • Horn - Check it works
  • Fuel or engine oil - Ensure sufficient levels of both to carry out emission tests

How to book

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